Hikaru Cho

Surreal body paint artist Hikaru Cho gives us a peek into her typical day【Video】

Where does such a vivid artist go to find inspiration and relax? Check out this neat video!

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Take a second look – Hikaru Cho’s surreal art part three, one year later

Art is such an ever-changing topic that even a year can shift trends and styles all across the modern art world. Well, it has been over a year since we last caught up with Hikaru Cho, the reality bending artist whose work makes you do a double or even a triple take.

Her creativeness seems to know no bounds, and the past year has allowed her to improve and grow, taking on more professional projects that still mess with our minds enough to make us wonder if what we are seeing is real or a clever trick meant to fool us.

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Don’t trust your eyes! Let these unique pieces of art challenge your perception of reality

Getting tricked is usually no fun, but not in the case of brilliant art that tricks the eye. Take for instance, the work of Japanese art university student Hikaru Cho, an example of which is shown in the picture above. Does that look like an ordinary cucumber to you? We certainly wouldn’t blame you if you said it does, but read further to find out what the object really is!

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