Japanese chicken wing pub draws in gullible customers with sexy-legged lady trap

Restaurant serves all the food and drinks it promises, but the eye candy isn’t quite what it seems.

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Sinisterly simple math puzzle for elementary school kids stumps Japanese Twitter adults

Get out your thinking caps, and get ready to possibly lose some of your grown-up pride.

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Do you know some Japanese? Test out your skills with this Japanese “math” puzzle

Can you bend your brain to turn “three” into a “ball?”

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Japanese Twitter’s definitive collection of “Wait, that’s not a cat!” moments【Photos】

Cats: Tricking us hoomans since, well, forever.

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Life hack for living in Japan: How to painlessly remove the wrapper from a pack of natto

This simple little trick could be a life-changer if you’re a fan of natto.

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“How to put a baby to sleep in less than one minute” video goes viral in Japan, around the world

As our seasoned reporter and full-time daddy Steven (of Master Blaster fame) recently reported, getting your cranky toddler to brush her teeth–without throwing a temper tantrum first–is tricky business. Likewise, getting her to go to bed so you can have those precious few hours of R&R at the end of the day can be just as much of a struggle (even when a disgruntled Samuel L. Jackson is called in).

But what if you were to hear that there was an exceedingly simple trick to put your kids down that only requires one tissue to work?

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Don’t trust your eyes! Let these unique pieces of art challenge your perception of reality

Getting tricked is usually no fun, but not in the case of brilliant art that tricks the eye. Take for instance, the work of Japanese art university student Hikaru Cho, an example of which is shown in the picture above. Does that look like an ordinary cucumber to you? We certainly wouldn’t blame you if you said it does, but read further to find out what the object really is!

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A pear running from explosions: Video of Funasshi fleeing fireballs cracks Japan up【Video】

Despite whatever else you might say about them, Japanese variety shows certainly try to live up to their reputation. Though you may argue about their success, one thing the shows do well is hidden camera/surprise segments. From aliens bursting out of walls to random Godzilla attacks, damasareta (“fooled” or “tricked”) gags can get almost anyone laughing–Japanese or otherwise.

And when you have a guest as spectacular as the hyperactive Funnashi, you’re almost guaranteed to dig up some comedic gold! Especially if explosions are involved.

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Stop! Don’t Pack Your Electric Fans Away Yet! Gravity-Defying Paper Plane Fun Awaits

Summer is nearly behind us. All across Japan, people are turning their air coolers down a touch, returning to sleeping with their feet under the blankets, and stopping to groan “it’s hoooot!” at co-workers a little less often.

But before you put those electric fans away, make sure you take a few minutes to put them to what is quite possibly the best use they’ll have all year: making paper planes magically float in mid-air. Read More