Japanese Twitter user creates the ultimate steampunk watch with hologram clock face 【Video】

It cranks, it spins, and it requires a glove just to wear.

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Pokémon fan creates spectacular 3D hologram battle dome entirely from scratch【Video & Pics】

These are a step above some other “holographic” Pokémon cards you might’ve seen before.

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This Japanese startup has created a hologram assistant to control all your devices

Feeling jealous of Tony Stark’s Jarvis? Soon, you may have a hologram assistant of your own!

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Japanese Twitter user wows Internet with hologram wristwatch, cat tank, and steampunk creations

For as long as we can remember, holograms have been one of the coolest science fiction technologies that still haven’t quite lived up to the promises of our favorite films and TV shows. We’re a long way from chatting with Mark Twain on the holodeck, basically, but that doesn’t mean current “hologram” technology isn’t cool!

One of the neater everyday hologram-like technologies you can easily buy is a propeller clock. In fact, using a simple microcontroller, some LEDs, and a spinning motor, you could even build your own propeller clock. But this enterprising Twitter user decided a propeller clock wasn’t enough and ended up making a propeller watch! It’s not entirely practical, but it is completely awesome!

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