Citizen to release beautiful, limited-edition watch with kimono-inspired night sakura design

Elegance and simplicity define this watch, but you may have to fight to get your hands on it.

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Wear a Japanese warlord’s armor as a watch by supporting this crowdfunding campaign

Can they raise the funds to make this traditional masterpiece of an accessory?

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Mix and match your favorite Pokémon to make your very own Pokémon wristwatch

New set is part of toy craft system with over one millions of ways to make a completely unique watch!

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Gucci releases a new Japan-exclusive Grip watch with “Gucci” written on the face in katakana

It’s a simple style inspired by the world of skateboarding, with an unusual touch meant only for Japanese consumers. 

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Limited edition “Spirited Away” Seiko watch is beautiful combination of technology and anime

Aside from the attractive design, we love the fact that the face of the watch features none other than … “No Face”! 

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We test out Japanese megastore Don Quijote’s new mega-affordable smart watch

You can get this new smart watch with a heart rate monitor for just 3,980 yen, or less than US$40!

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Sharpen your look with stylish Damascus steel watches modeled after Japanese blades

Wear a unique, exquisite timepiece filled with Japanese sword tradition on your wrist.

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Japanese artist’s replica watches are so intricate that it’s more than art, it’s an obsession

Particularly so since they’re all made from just paper.

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Japanese Twitter user creates the ultimate steampunk watch with hologram clock face 【Video】

It cranks, it spins, and it requires a glove just to wear.

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Seiko’s blingtastic luxury watch based on Hokusai’s Great Wave costs a pretty yenny

The Japanese watchmaker’s dazzling new timepiece has an incredible price to match.

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Japanese watchmakers show off their skills with tiny/epic mechanical obstacle course【Video】

Because what better way to showcase an eye for precision than to build a miniature obstacle course for marbles?

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Keep an eye on the cherry blossoms with the new sakura watch from Citizen

Now you can enjoy hanami cherry blossom views at any time of day.

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Transforming kanji watches not so great for telling time, perfect for being awesome

With the advent of cellphones, wristwatches have become less and less common, meaning makers have had to get more and more creative capture the attention of customers. One perfect example is this Japanese watch company that has started selling watches that use transforming metal kanji characters to tell the time!

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Wear Pikachu or a Poké Ball on your arm and be fashionably on time with Pokémon × BEAMS watches!

There’s no denying that Pokémon and the series’ adorable Pikachu are loved around the world. The international franchise has been around long enough that there are now several generations of former kids who grew up infatuated with the fantastic monsters but who may feel they can no longer openly show their affection for Pokémon, on account of supposedly being all “grown up”.

Well, you may be a grown-up in age, but if you still have a tiny bit of that Pokémon Master left in you, you might be delighted by the newest collaborative item being offered by fashion and culture brand BEAMS and the Pokémon Company. Check out these Pokémon×BEAMS watches that combine fashionable design and accurate time-keeping with your love of the Pokémon world!

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Ritzy Japanese cop breaks Rolex wristwatch during arrest, sends suspect US$6,000 repair bill

With famously low crime rates and an honest society that returns wallets full of cash, Japanese cops usually have it a bit easier than their overseas counterparts. But while they may have some extra time on their hands, Japanese police officers still are put in the line of danger catching the bad guys and keeping Japan safe.

One cop in Saitama Prefecture was reminded of this reality when he was got banged up pretty badly and broke his expensive Rolex watch a couple of years ago while pursuing a man suspected of exposing himself to a young girl. This cop shocked his colleagues and the public last week when Japanese media reported that, after arresting the suspect, the police officer took the man to court and sued for him for damages including more than 700,000 yen (US$5,949) to repair the watch!

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This “timeless” watch doesn’t have a face, because you’re too boss to ever care about being late

I never understood the date-megane (lensless glasses) fad that has been all the rage in much of Asia. Ok, so maybe you want to change up your look once in a while or feel smart before taking your midterms, but wouldn’t it make sense to put in some non-prescription lenses? That way you could at least avoid a Three Stooges eye poke.

Now, for those of you who are done fiddling around with nose-pinching plastic, here comes another mystifying fashion item: faceless watches. Read on to find out a little more about this accessory and the public’s reaction. We’ve included a few other options too, if the last thing you want to do is live by the clock!

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Ueno Zoo’s Panda Enclosure Goes Big Brother, Installs Real-Time Cameras for All to See

Okay, who likes pandas?

Of course you do! How could you not? They’re fuzzy and cute, they walk around eating bamboo all day, they rarely maul people to death when they bump into them in the woods like their bigger brown relatives… That said, with fewer than 3,000 pandas estimated to be in existence across the globe, the chances of running into one while out for a morning stroll are pretty slim…

So thank goodness that Ueno Zoo in Tokyo– home to two of just 11 pandas in the country– has installed a set of cameras in its panda enclosure, allowing the public to take a sneaky peek at the pair from the comfort of their own home.

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