Hungry? Want some chips? Too bad, you can’t, because that’s not actually a bag of chips

This artist can fool you into thinking you’re allowed to snack.

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Illustrator from Italy stuns netizens around the world with his hyper-realistic artwork

If someone were to tell you that they struggled to tell the difference between hand-drawn art and photography, you could be forgiven for thinking that they were long overdue a visit to their optician. Well that was until the rise of hyperealism, an art style that challenges existing concepts of free-hand drawing. Put simply, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between these drawings and a real object, there’s just so much detail and attention to lights and shading.

Italian illustrator and graphic designer Marcello Barenghi is just one of a handful of artists garnering a lot of attention online with his hyper-realistic drawings. Barenghi’s work include everything from decks of cards and potato chip bags to fried eggs and paper money that will have you doubting your own eyes. Join us after the jump for a selection of this artist’s fantastic, ultra-realistic work.

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