colored pencils

Felissimo releases limited-edition “Color in Edo! Hokusai Colored Pencils” set

This latest themed set of 20 colored pencils is inspired by the Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji series by master artisan Katsushika Hokusai.

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End of an era – Japanese anime artists’ favorite colored pencils are being discontinued

Mitsubishi pencils have been “an essential necessity in animation production.”

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This isn’t a Harry Potter photo – it’s an incredible colored pencil portrait from a Japanese fan!

Even magic couldn’t make this picture look any better.

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Hungry? Want some chips? Too bad, you can’t, because that’s not actually a bag of chips

This artist can fool you into thinking you’re allowed to snack.

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Felissimo adds new “Tokyo Seeds” collection to its popular 500 Colored Pencils series

The Japanese mail order company’s new monthly pencil set release will undoubtedly have art lovers wanting to collect ’em all.

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Want to help save the anime world’s favorite colored pencils? Then take this survey

Hand-drawn art may be on the ropes, but it’s not quite dead yet.

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Tokyo artist creates photo-realistic drawings with colored pencils

Hey that’s a nice photograph of a peaceful oasis in Tokyo. Wait, it’s not a photograph? It’s a drawing? Made with colored pencils?!

Ryota Hayashi has been bringing the Nakano Ward of Tokyo to life for the past several years through his breathtakingly realistic colored pencil renditions. He’s recently been getting a lot of attention on social media, and it’s not at all hard to see why.

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Color your way into someone’s heart this V-Day with life-like colored pencil chocolates

The other day we came out with a list of some Valentine’s Day chocolates that are almost too beautiful to eat. If only we’d had a list of “chocolates so life-like you might not even realize that they are chocolates,” these “Crayons Colorés” would surely have gotten the top spot.

As a Valentine’s Day special, the Palace Hotel Tokyo’s pastry shop, “Sweets & Deli,” has come out with beautifully designed colored pencils, I mean, colored pencil-shaped chocolates.

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