Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo’s new Zelda game has a female version of Link named Linkle 【Video】

Nope, that’s not Princess Zelda.

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Young artist makes stunning Hyrule Warriors art using just coloured pencils

They may look like digital creations, but these stunning illustrations are in fact entirely hand-drawn in coloured pencil. 17-year-old artist Polaara is a young British student who made these painstakingly detailed drawings in between studying for exams.

Join us after the jump for beautifully rendered fan art of Link, Zelda, and other video game and anime characters – plus some videos from Polaara herself showing how it’s done.

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Wii U’s Hyrule Warriors is actually starting to look pretty spectacular 【Pics & Video】

It’s been a tough few years for Nintendo. Although the 3DS continues to sell very well, its home console Wii U has barely even registered on consumers’ radar since debuting in 2012, and even long-time fans are becoming increasingly restless between big releases. Thankfully, the latter half of 2014 looks set to be a little sunnier for Nintendo, with the recently released Mario Kart 8 reportedly quadrupling Wii U sales, and now Tecmo Koei’s Zelda/Dynasty Warriors mashup Hyrule Warriors looks set to be one of the biggest titles of the summer.

As well as updating its official Hyrule Warriors website with new screens earlier today, developer Tecmo Koei has released a video showing none other than Princess Zelda smashing her way through hordes of enemies and showing off her skills.

Gorgeous pics and the full video after the jump.

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Time to fight! Japan-only Hyrule Warriors special editions come with awesome Triforce clock

I’ve never really been one for special editions of video games. At first they seem like a great idea, with terms like “rare” and “collector’s edition” making us feel like we’d be missing out if we didn’t pick one up, but when you later realise that there are thousands of other people out there with the same cheaply made “limited” trinkets – most of which are likely to end up in landfills a few years down the line anyway – that Master Chief helmet or deluxe orc statue suddenly doesn’t seem quite so essential.

The Triforce clock that comes with special editions of upcoming Wii U hack and slash title Hyrule Warriors, however, is by far the coolest gaming goodie we’ve seen in years, and for once I’m actually considering paying extra money for the additional chunk of plastic.

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Newsflash: Wii U Zelda hack ‘n’ slasher Hyrule Warriors arriving in Japan on August 14

It may not be the Zelda game that fans of the series are truly craving, but Dynasty Warriors-inspired hack and slasher Hyrule Warriors, or Zelda: Musō (“unparalleled”) in Japan, will reportedly be hitting Japanese shelves on August 14.

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