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I’ve never really been one for special editions of video games. At first they seem like a great idea, with terms like “rare” and “collector’s edition” making us feel like we’d be missing out if we didn’t pick one up, but when you later realise that there are thousands of other people out there with the same cheaply made “limited” trinkets – most of which are likely to end up in landfills a few years down the line anyway – that Master Chief helmet or deluxe orc statue suddenly doesn’t seem quite so essential.

The Triforce clock that comes with special editions of upcoming Wii U hack and slash title Hyrule Warriors, however, is by far the coolest gaming goodie we’ve seen in years, and for once I’m actually considering paying extra money for the additional chunk of plastic.

Nintendo Japan is known for its cool freebies and the items its Club Nintendo members can purchase with their accrued points, but this offering will be available to anyone who picks up either the “Premium Box” or “Treasure Box” special editions of Hyrule Warriors, which goes on sale in Japan on August 14.

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The Premium Box set comes packaged with a copy of Hyrule Warriors, the Triforce clock, and in-game outfits for your character and retails for 10,800 yen (US$105). The Treasure Box, meanwhile, features a sound-effect emitting treasure chest like those found throughout the Zelda series and as well as the digital clock throws in even more special-edition costumes. It will retail for a whopping at 13,800 yen ($135), though, so you’ll need to cut down a lot of grass to find the rupees to make it yours.

The North American version of the game is slated for release on September 26, but there is still no indication that this Zelda-themed clock will ever be available outside of Japan. Time to get on Twitter and bug Nintendo of America to make this happen there too, game fans…

Source: Hachima Kikou, GameCity h/t Anime News Network
Images: Twitter, Game City