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It may not be the Zelda game that fans of the series are truly craving, but Dynasty Warriors-inspired hack and slasher Hyrule Warriors, or Zelda: Musō (“unparalleled”) in Japan, will reportedly be hitting Japanese shelves on August 14.

The Wii U title is currently being developed by Team Ninja, the people who brought us the epic Ninja Gaiden series, and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force with the support of Nintendo. Borrowing much from Omega Force’s game, Hyrule Warriors provides giant hordes of enemies for the player to carve through. This time, however, the action takes place in the Zelda universe, and sees a slightly more athletic than usual Link swinging his ethereal blade and chucking rows of bombs at the bad guys, often alongside Hylian knights.

In its latest issue, Japanese gaming publication Famitsu reveals that the game is due for release on August 14 in Japan. Little more is known at this point, but a promotional video released by Nintendo late last year confirmed that a number of familiar faces from Link’s past adventures, including fire-breathing King Dodongo and shield-toting lizard knights from Nintendo 64 classic Ocarina of Time, will make an appearance.

There’s still no official word on a Western release date, but with any luck the game will turn out to be as much fun as it looks and sell well enough for Nintendo to throw us a bone soon. As the gods of Hyrule know only too well, Wii U owners could really do with a few more must-have titles!

Source: Siliconera
Image: Otakomu