We make Russian food based only on the sound of its name, somehow everyone who ate it survived

If you’ve never had Pirozhki (or Piroshki), you might want to see this. On the other hand, if you know what Pirozhki looks or tastes like, you should definitely see this!

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Never be lonely: Stunning illustrations of imaginary girlfriend, boyfriend【Photos】

Like many children, I had an imaginary friend. Unlike many children, mine was a cat. I used to play with him in the garden and yell at my family when they pretended to kick him. I never had an imaginary boyfriend though…

You’ve read about the art of taking a convincing fake-girlfriend selfie. Maybe you downloaded one of those virtual boyfriend apps to compliment you all day long. Perhaps you bought a hug pillow (complete with washable shirt) to snuggle with all night. These stunning photos of an “imaginary girlfriend” and “imaginary boyfriend”, however, bring a new and quiet beauty to the world of the imaginary friend.

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