Internet Explorer

A simple solution to internet security

With the recent announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer (IE), media outlets in Japan have been sounding the alarm for those who haven’t bailed on the beleaguered browser long, long ago.

As you might expect, a significant portion of IE users aren’t the most tech savvy people and use it simply because it’s Window’s default browser. So when the TV starts telling them to “change IE to another browser such as Google Chrome” they really should provide more explanation.

If not, you get what happened in the image above that was tweeted by a younger sibling earlier this week.

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Internet Explorer looks to win back fans with new moe/anime mascot Inori Aizawa

About a year ago, Microsoft learned the power of moe mascots when their Windows 8 platform sold in record numbers in Japan. This was largely credited with the addition of the Madobe Sisters, Yuu and Ai.

Now they’re hoping lightning will strike twice and jolt some new life into their web browser Internet Explorer. As more and more people have flocked to browsers like Chrome and Firefox over the years, IE looked as though it was heading the way of Netscape thanks to sluggish speeds and compatibility problems.

However, IE’s newest mascot, Inori Aizawa promises and end to these design flaws along with some lasers and high speed robot battles.

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