Cute little gamer knows the score【Video】

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the weekend has finally arrived! We know exactly how we’ll be spending ours, and we have a feeling that gamers in Australia, Europe, Central and South America will also be spending theirs much the same way following the arrival of Microsoft’s Xbox One and, finally hitting stores outside of the US this very day, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Of course, one little gamer already knows exactly what’s up, and despite being barely 22 months old and the PS4 having only been released a week or two ago, is already more than familiar with the hardware if this video is any indication.

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We try swapping out the hard drive of a PS4, let the Xbox One hold the beer

Our resident food writer Kuzo loves travelling the world in search of new and exotic McDonald’s food. However, he’s also been known to experiment with game consoles in between meals.

When the Nintendo Wii U came out he tested its online capability while riding nearly 300 km/h on the Shinkansen. Now with his newly acquired PS4, he’s going to attempt to upgrade the built-in hard disc drive (HDD) with a faster solid state drive (SSD). The following is his report.

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Microsoft announces Xbox One release date!

After months of speculation as to when the Xbox One will become available to gamers, Microsoft has just announced the release date of the much-anticipated console. Finally.

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Rumour: Sony to unveil ‘virtual reality headset’ at Tokyo Game Show 2013

Long-running gaming site CVG revealed earlier today that Japan’s Sony Computer Entertainment is poised to unveil a new “virtual reality headset” at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, stating that the unit will be the final piece in the company’s PlayStation 4 hardware strategy.

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PS4 release date in Japan to be announced on September 9 (hopefully)

Just yesterday Sony announced the release date of their much-anticipated next generation console (it’s November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe, just in case you haven’t heard). They also announced that PlayStation4 will be available in 32 countries, but surprisingly, Sony is snubbing its country of origin, having yet to reveal when Japan can expect to see the PS4.

However, on August 21, SCEJA (that’s “Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia) announced that they will be holding the SCEJA Press Conference 2013 where it is anticipated that the release date and price for the Japanese market will be revealed.

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Sony announces PlayStation 4 release date at Gamescom 2013 *UPDATED*

Xbox One or PS4? That’s the question that’s been on a lot of people’s minds, inspiring long-winded debates between diehard console fans. Microsoft took the lead, announcing (arguably) too much information, causing the minds of long-time Xbox fans to simultaneously explode and forcing the tech giant to rethink its strategy for the next generation console. Sony, realizing Microsoft’s blunder, has been keeping their cards close to their chest, letting Microsoft reveal aspects of their console first…that is until now. In a press conference held at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, Sony officially announced the release date of the PlayStation 4 console for the US and international markets.

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Rumour: Sony planning to launch $500 PlayStation 4 & PS Vita bundle

We’re already thoroughly excited about the launch of Sony’s newest home console, the PlayStation 4, but news reaching us today suggesting that the Japanese electronics giant has yet another trick up its sleeve has set us buzzing anew.

Since the PS4’s grand unveiling earlier this year, Sony has been keen to push the fact that the console will be fully integrated with its portable platform, PlayStation Vita, ensuring that all developers make their PS4 games fully playable remotely via Vita. It would seem, though, that rather than just a cool extra feature, Sony is planning to make PS4/Vita crossplay a cornerstone of the PS4 experience, with industry sources suggesting that a special PS4/Vita bundle will be made available for US$500 by the end of the year.

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PS4 undercuts Xbox One’s pricing by nearly $200 in Mexico

The console war between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 was fairly vicious, with Sony just edging out Microsoft in terms of total global sales.

This time, though, Sony seems to have no intention of letting things run that close. In the United States, Sony has, as you probably know, set the PlayStation 4 price a full $100 lower than the Xbox One. Microsoft, of course, argues that the Kinect more than makes up for the difference, though that’s up to consumers to decide.

But in Mexico, the pricing war has gotten even fiercer. How much fiercer?

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