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Japan’s Princess Aiko won’t have tiara made for her, in consideration of hard economic times

Break with tradition continues.

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Prince Harry’s new “chimpo” job title makes people in Japan giggle

In Japan, a chimpo has a whole other meaning. 

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Japanese newspaper issues correction over hilarious Harry and Meghan photo

When you can’t tell the difference between fiction and real life.

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It’s the end of an era…literally! Emperor may abdicate throne in 2019 and end the Heisei Era

The question on everyone’s minds: what would the name of the next era be?

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Japanese tourist gets lost in Windsor Castle, wanders into Queen’s private rooms

Recently, all of Japan was very excited because Prince William made his first-ever visit. But back home in ol’ Blighty, the Royals had to deal with the aftermath of an embarrassing little security snafu at Windsor Castle that happened on February 12.

It seems that a Japanese tourist inadvertently wandered into some off-limits areas during a visit to the castle – namely, the Queen’s own private rooms. Her Maj wasn’t home at the time of the intrusion, but the incident still prompted a wave of panic over the sightseeing interloper.

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