Cryptic ad in Japanese newspaper reveals heartwarming message of hope for readers

Can you read the Japanese words hidden in these pictures? 

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Japanese newspaper issues correction over hilarious Harry and Meghan photo

When you can’t tell the difference between fiction and real life.

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Japanese newspapers announcing the new “Reiwa” era are being auctioned online for high prices

The making of history sure brings out the collector–and the greed–in people.

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Studying kids from a Japanese publishing logo break free, go on adventure by reading books

Shogakukan’s studying children leap out of their logo and find an endless fantasy world waiting for them. Get reading, kids!

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Revealing newspaper costume draws eyes and puzzled comments too.

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Japanese artist uses newspaper to make immense, life-like sculptures

Whatever you do with your old papers, it’s probably nowhere near as cool as this!

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F**k it! Japan’s most respected newspaper prints a double-dose of uncensored F-bombs

Come for the weather report and stock prices, stay for the top-of-the-line profanity.

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Nagasaki’s hundreds of beautiful islands get newspapers from boats, planes, 2,285 delivery people

Although Nagasaki is one of the most populous cities on the island of Kyushu, many neighborhoods are built on steep coastal hillsides that are inaccessible by car. Then there’s the rest of Nagasaki Prefecture, which is dotted with isolated communities on its hundreds of islands.

But with the prefecture’s unique beauty and culture, it’s not hard to see why many residents of Nagasaki are happy living where they do. And while there may be some inconveniences that come with living in such remote homes, they can at least be assured of receiving their newspapers every day, as this surprisingly moving video of the incredibly complex delivery process shows.

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Newspaper Companies Rally Against Inevitable Demise by Giving a Few Free Copies Away with the Purchase of an Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s may not be the best place to get nourishment for your body, but for one week at selected branches you could get some food for thought, in the form of a free newspaper.

That’s right, McDonald’s restaurants and the Japan Newspaper association have collaborated to bring you Spring Newspaper Week (April 6 to 12), which many are lauding as a glorious waste of time.

The purpose of Spring Newspaper Week is to combat the growing trend of young people not using newspapers.  Strangely, more and more younger people prefer reading their news on phones that fit in the palm of their hands rather than cumbersome sheets of paper that make their fingers black.

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