Sakura Gakuin Welcome an Ewok from outer space as a transfer student in the MV for “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014~”

Sakura Gakuin have released a short version of the highly anticipated music video for “Aogeba Toutoshi ~ from Sakura Gakuin 2014~“.

Sakura Gakuin makes a new friend from a far away land as they prepare to bid farewell to Yui Mizuno, Moa Kikuchi, Hana Taguchi, and Yunano Notsu (members graduate from Sakura Gakuin when they graduate from middle school). As they are about to start practicing “Aogeba Toutoshi” which is the traditional song that is sung at a graduation ceremony, a spacecraft crashes into the ground outside of their school building…

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