Remembering the Great White Butt of Japan’s early Edo period

A tale of butts and death.

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Japan’s prime minster should kill himself by seppuku, Russian politician says

”I can’t even comment on such delusion,” says security council deputy chairman, but still recommends ritual disembowelment.

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Man in Tokyo slices own stomach with knife near one of the city’s busiest train stations

Police officers arrive to find man collapsed and bleeding.

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Japanese man attempts to commit samurai-style seppuku in front his favorite idol

The Taiwanese Internet idol had recently announced her retirement, and it was her last public appearance.

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How to Commit Seppuku, Now Available in English!

Samurais are one of those Japanese cultural exports that foreigners can’t get enough of.  The hair style, swords, and that bad-ass armor that makes a European knight look like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

Samurais are also responsible with that Japanese form of ritual suicide that equally fascinates and horrifies people around the world, seppuku.  Equally well-known as Harakiri (but often horribly mispronounced to sound like MLB sportscaster Harry Caray) it evokes darkly romantic images of opting for gory self-disembowelment over losing one’s honor.

A recent posting of an instructional diagram teaching how to perform seppuku has caught further caught the attention of people in countries around the world.  Even on the internet, home of some of the most disturbing sights imaginable this age-old ritual retains its shock value.

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