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Chinese Mobile Gamer Falsely Accused of Taking Secret Photos, Severely Beaten by Villagers

In a story reported by Kotaku Japan, a young man in Pingxiang, China was attacked by villagers when he was mistaken for a social worker spying on them with his mobile phone.

The situation soon got out of hand, and after a brief skirmish the young man was left with a fractured skull. Almost a year later, he is still receiving medical treatment and regularly suffers seizures.

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“Son, Please Be More Careful With Your Condoms! Love, Mom x”

We’re sure we all have things that we’d rather our parents didn’t see. That folder within a folder within a folder on the computer titled “schoolwork” that isn’t really anything of the sort; that moustache waxing kit at the back of the drawer; the small collection of letters penned by an old love…

But a parents discovering – and then returning – a condom is perhaps one of the worst experiences a young man or women living at home can have.

Spare a thought, then, for the poor chap who discovered this misplaced condom along with a note from his mother waiting for him when he returned home one evening.

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Hospital Restages Daughter’s Wedding for Bedridden Father

It’s stories like this that restore my faith in humankind.

Staff at a hospital in Tokyo went the extra mile this week by organising a second wedding ceremony especially for a patient who was unable to attend his daughter’s wedding in October.

The patient, 57-year-old Masaru Tanaka, was admitted to the hospital in December last year after the driver of a truck knocked him off his motorbike, confining him to a hospital bed after suffering a severe cerebral hemmorhage. Hearing the sad news that Masaharu was unable to attend his own daughter’s wedding, staff at Akirudai Hospital in west Tokyo put their heads together to bring the celebrations to him instead.

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