Cute video proves you can bring a cat to a toy but you can’t make it play

Instead of chasing the toy’s battery-operated feathered wand, this cat lies back and enjoys the way it flicks its body instead.

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A cappella group Pentatonix shows off their make-up with new Perfume medley

Ahead of their upcoming Japanese appearance, the a cappella phenoms released a new medley video that smells pretty good.

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Music video featuring the winners of blackboard art contest is “chalk” full of imagination【Video】

These budding artists are giving us some serious goals.

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Climbing cats: The cuteness that rises to the occasion

Though it’s not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when we think of cats–that would be cheeseburgers–our furry feline friends are certainly excellent climbers. While they can’t hold a candle to a mountain goat, their built-in climbing hooks, indomitable sense of curiosity, and incredible flexibility make them extraordinary climbers. Just ask anyone who’s tried to remove a cat after it’s scaled half way up their leg–these little cuties will stick to anything.

The above photo, which has been retweeted well over 6,000 times in the last day alone, is a perfect example of feline desire to go up!

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