Limited edition Lipton’s iced tea-scented pens to go on sale

Japanese stationery company Zebra is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Sarasa Clip pens, which is why they have teamed up with world-famous tea maker Lipton to launch a unique line of ball-point pens. Coming 19 September are 10 pens each with the aroma of a different flavor of Lipton iced tea sold in the Japanese market.

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Practical Jokers Install Life-Size Zebra in Friend’s Livingroom as a Wedding Gift, Document the Process

In perhaps one of the best practical jokes ever, Omocoro‘s Editor-in-Chief Tetsuya Shimoda and his co-workers decided to give their friend Mr. Yamaguchi a rather unique gift upon hearing the news of his marriage.

Always taking pride in their presents and already with a reputation for planning great practical jokes, Shimoda and friends hatched a diabolical scheme to send their newly-wedded pal something very special: a life-size model of a zebra, big enough to take up most of the space in any room of their unwitting friend’s house.

And, luckily for us, they documented the entire plan from its conception to glorious finale…

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