Basketball’s popularity in Japan today can largely be credited to the mega-hit manga and anime series Slam Dunk. Since its beginnings in the 90s, its popularity had spread beyond the borders of Japan and even to this day it continues to hold a world-wide fan base.

Now, thanks to the National Taiwan University of Arts’ Department of Broadcasting’s Class of 2010, Slam Dunk has been lovingly recreated as a live action video. A hit on YouTube, the video is a rather meticulous reenactment of the opening sequence of the animated version.

The video is enjoyable on different levels. If you are a fan of the original series, then it will take you back to those days of your youth when you got pumped up for the next episode. The real-life counterparts of Kaede, Haruko, and Hanamichi are really well-cast and closely resemble the characters of the manga and anime.

Even if you’ve never watched Slam Dunk, the video is worth checking out simply to admire the attention to detail they put into its production. In the bottom corner of the screen you can watch the original animated opening sequence to compare as you go. It’s hard to imagine them doing a better job than this. The costumes, movements, and camera angles are all very true to the original.

Live action recreations of famous cartoons are nothing new on the internet and it seems more are released every day. But I would encourage you to give this one some time and appreciation as perhaps it’s the best of this YouTube genre.

This video has generated lots of favorable reviews. Don’t miss the recreated bird at 0:34!

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