Playing sports brings out a different side of us. This is especially so in sports that require cooperation within a team in order to go up against an opposing rival. It’s easy to put on a front at normal times when you’re composed and in your comfort zone, but it’s a battlefield out on the courts. That’s probably why some people say that you can tell a person’s personality by the way he/she plays on a team.

Here’s a personality analysis derived from the play styles of the characters from a certain popular basketball manga and anime series. Which type of athlete are you? Read on to find out!

Hong Kong-based illustrator and basketball fan Eiji created this personality analysis chart based on his observations of the characters from the all-time basketball themed hit series, Slam Dunk. In other words, this is based on a work of fiction and has no concrete scientific basis, but if you’re on a team or if you’re a fan of Slam Dunk, there’s no harm having a little fun making some references!

1. Reformer
Perfectionist, reformist
“Our goal is not to just be among the top 8 teams, we will reign the Nationals!”
Being the perfectionist, he has high standards for himself as well as others, and he praises sparingly.
Representatives: Akagi, Jin, Nobe

2. Helper
Fraternity type, helper
“One-on-one is just one of the ways of attacking.”
He’s always there to help, and is usually generous. He’s sensitive towards the needs of others and is not very conscious of himself.
Representatives: Sendoh, Miyagi, Hanagata

3. Achiever
Doer, achiever
“You’re never going to beat me in a one-on-one.”
He has an insatiable desire for victory, loves challenges, and dedicates his heart and soul to achieve his goal.
Representatives: Sawakita, Rukawa

4. Individualist
Self-centric, romanticist
“Coach Anzai, I want to play basketball~!”
Led by his emotions, he is sentimental and doesn’t think much of responsibility, but has incredible intuition and creativity in an optimal state.
Representatives: Mitsui, Fukuda, Minami

5. Investigator
Thinker, observer
“Don’t you even think of taking the top seat in my absence!”
He is exceptionally calm and tends to distance himself from others, observing on the sidelines before stepping into the scene.
Representatives: Fujima, Fukatsu, Hikoichi Aida

6. Loyalist
Loyalist, cautious type
“It doesn’t matter if I’m not the star of the team.”
He is hardworking and conscientious, responsible and serious, but tends to falter from anxiety and fear in times of crisis, becoming hesitant.
Representatives: Uozumi, Hasegawa, Matsumoto

7. Enthusiast
Hedonic, dynamic
“Because I’m a genius!”
He is positive and optimistic, brimming with energy, has many talents, and is often in a state of excitement. He detests being bound and controlled.
Representatives: Sakuragi, Kiyota, Kishimoto

8. Challenger
Authoritative, challenger
“There are no weaklings in team Kainan!”
As a natural leader, he is decisive and isn’t bothered by trivial matters. He craves for victory and dominance, and enjoys taking the lead.
Representatives: Maki, Masashi Kawata, Koshino

9. Peacemaker
Harmonious, peacemaker
“Do you need my help?”
Understanding and peace-loving, he dislikes conflicts within the team and is always trying to build harmonious, solid relationships.
Representatives: Kogure, Mikio Kawata, Uekusa

Team sports are fun because players of different personalities spark endless possibilities when their varying play styles come together as one. Which type of player are you?

Source/Image: 籃圖 Basketball Illustration on Facebook