A 22 year-old in her 4th year of university in Kanazawa ordered an iPod through an internet auction but received a shock when she discovered the iPod once belonged to her. Another 22 year-old 2nd year university student, who sold her the iPod, was arrested on suspicion of stealing it from the woman’s parked car last December.

The woman had reported the robbery to police but was left with little hope of recovering it, so she turned to internet auctions to find a similar model on the cheap. By the beginning of January she was able to win a bid on one for only 5,000 yen (US$65), a third of the price she originally paid.

When the iPod was delivered it dawned on her that she was holding the same iPod that was stolen weeks before, with the same color, scratches, and serial number. What’s more the suspect conveniently left his name and address on the envelope for authorities to find him. Whether her music library was intact or if she had to resync it is uncertain.

In an ongoing investigation the police found 20 other audio devices that he planned to sell off over the internet. “I’ve stolen lots of music players from cars” the man reportedly told police “then I sell them when I need some extra cash.”

In case you’re wondering, despite being the same age an in the same city, these the victim and suspect went to different schools and have never met each other.

Source: Sponichi Annex (Japanese)