You buy a beer on your way home, happily thinking of that moment when you can crack it open and relax with a frothy brew. But then you can’t find the bottle opener! You know it was around here somewhere, but no matter how much you search, you can’t find it. Everyone one has had this frustrating experience, right?

Actually, you can get that cap off even without a bottle opener. Of course, a bottle opener is best, and the other methods carry certain risks, but desperate times call for desperate measures! We decided to try out various different methods for removing bottle caps, including one that puts your iPhone to a new use.

The Bottle Cap to Bottle Cap Method
There’s a way to open a bottle of beer using another bottle of beer. If you wedge the cap of bottle A under the cap of bottle B and lift as you would with a bottle opener, one or the other of the bottles with open. This method is popular all over the world and is commonly used when a bottle opener can’t be found.

However, there is one issue. Once you’ve opened beer A, you have no way to open beer B, unless you have a beer C. The last bottle poses a problem. In that case, try one of the methods below.

The Spoon Method
If you place the tip of the spoon’s bowl under the fringe of the bottle cap and prize it up, you’ll be able to open the bottle. You can also use the handle of the spoon, but this takes a little more skill and power because you don’t have as much leverage.

The iPhone Method
You can also open a beer with your iPhone 4 or 4S. Turn the phone upside down and wedge the top rim under the fringe of the bottle cap. Brace the phone using the hand holding the bottle, then push up on the cap with all your strength. The cap should come off.

Of course, your phone can easily get scratched using this method, so we can’t really recommend it. By the way, you can also use an iPhone 3GS, and that model is easier to use and less likely to be damaged.

So, those are a few of the ways you can open a bottle without a bottle opener. Hopefully you won’t have many chances to use it, since you’ll have an opener handy. However, in an emergency, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to know these survival skills.

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