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We can’t imagine a more dedicated way to show off your love of hit anime Attack on Titan than by strapping on a pair of replicas of the heroes’ giant-killing swords whenever you step out of the house. What we can imagine, though, is the blades clashing with the rest of many peoples’ wardrobes, not to mention earning them the unwanted attention of their local police department should they happen to live in a municipality where defending yourself from 60-meter tall monsters isn’t a daily concern.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for anime accessories that are less bulky/deadly, the makers of the Attack on Titan iPhone case have announced they’ve started taking orders.

Price, details, and lots of delicious photos after the jump!

Last month, model maker Sentinel treated us to a few grainy photos of the prototype of the cool case. Now the manufacturer is back with more images and info about their new product, including the price.

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The case, which is made of acrylonitrile, fits iPhone 5 and 5S models, is priced at 3,996 yen (US$39).

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Early information from Sentinel claimed that pulling the triggers would open the lens cover for the iPhone’s camera, but this function has since been moved to the lever at the front of the grip.

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Unfortunately, the case completely blocks the phone’s flash function. Sentinel’s design does allow access to the various switches and ports, as it leaves the power and volume buttons, as well as the connector and earphone jack, unobscured.

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As it has been from the beginning, the company remains firm in its stance of not including a slot into which insert a blade. Probably a sensible decision.

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Sentinel seems to still be tinkering with the fine details, as it says the finished product may look slightly different from this latest batch of pictures. Still, with the Attack on Titan iPhone case scheduled at the end of August, it’s probably a safe bet that this is pretty close to how things will end up. Apple/anime fans ready to take the plunge can reserve theirs right here through Amazon Japan.

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What do you say, guys and girls? Will you be grabbing one of these, or would you rather be eaten legs-first by a Titan? Let us know what you think of this unorthodox anime-inspired iPhone case in the comments section below!

Sources: Jin, Sentinel
Images: Sentinel