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As awesome as smartphones are, do they really help us to better communicate with one another? Sure, it’s nice to be able to instantly talk with anyone, regardless of whether you’re at home or out and about, but there are certain things we lose by doing it with the help of technology. Even as mobile phones’ audio and video capabilities continue to improve, they’re still not perfect. Without talking face-to-face, you can’t pick up on every facial expression, hear each subtle change in inflection, or reach out and hold someone’s hand should the conversation turn emotional or romantic.

Unless you’re using this iPhone case that’s an eerily detailed replica of a human hand.

The Nami’s Hand iPhone case for 5 and 5s models is exactly what it sounds like: a smartphone cover that looks like the right hand of a woman, ostensibly one whose name is Nami. We talked briefly about this unusual accessory earlier in the year, but now that it’s actually on sale and more pictures have surfaced, the level of craftsmanship is causing us all to do a second round of double takes (so, quadruple takes, actually).

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Because really, what good is an iPhone case shaped like a woman’s severed hand unless it looks and feels like the real thing? The manufacturer based Nami’s Hand on that of an actual woman, we’re told, making sure to include the minute wrinkles everyone has on their fingers and palms, while also giving it feminine rounded contours.

While that’s all likely to please casual observers of human anatomy, experienced trophy killers will no doubt be disappointed that Nami’s Hand seems to have been completely cauterised and cleaned after being severed at the wrist.

▼ This gross oversight doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker, though, since you can always just smear ketchup over the edge, or use some of the blood from previous victims you’ve got saved in those painstakingly labeled pickle jars in your basement.

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Oddly enough, Nami’s Hand doesn’t seem to be exclusively, or even overtly, marketed to psychopaths. Nor is the manufacturer aiming only at the always lucrative pervert market, as promotional images show it being modeled by a woman.

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The goal really seems to be just providing the sense of reassurance that comes from holding hands, as the manufacturer claims the case has a soft, fleshy feeling. There’s even a male version, Yamato’s Hand, although it only seems to be available for the iPhone 4 and 4s.

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If you’re looking to add a simulated human touch to you mobile communications, and don’t mind creeping out everyone in the vicinity (or if you see that as an added bonus), you can order your Nami’s Hand case here for 5,142 yen (US$47).

Source: Hamee, Oddity Mail
Top image: Hamee
Insert images: Hamee, Rakuten
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