It’s not just about being flashy – it’s also about serving others.

Apple recently released a commercial for the iPhone XS (filmed with the iPhone XS) titled “Lady Misaki” that has people around the world wiping away tears. It’s about a dekotora, or decorated truck, named Lady Misaki. If you haven’t heard of dekotora before, they’re basically tricked-out trucks that feature a lot of bright lights and loud designs.

▼ The video introduces her driver, Kazuya Sekino, the origin of Lady Misaki’s name, and Sekino’s thoughts on owning a dekotora – all with convenient English subtitles.

▼ Here are some of her shiny, shiny details.

As explained in the video, Lady Misaki’s name is derived from the child of Sekino’s sister. Unfortunately, a week before baby Misaki was due, she died in her mother’s womb. Sekino nicknamed his truck after her, hoping to help Misaki’s name “flourish”, and now he says, “I want to drive all across Japan with her, for her.”

▼ Are your eyes welling up with tears yet?

Sekino also wants to change peoples’ attitudes towards dekotora drivers. While they might appear scary…

▼ Okay, yeah, he looks a little imposing.

…they’re actually a group of genuinely nice people.

▼ This is definitely an “aw” moment.

Sekino explains that starting with the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, dekotora drivers have been making efforts to help with disaster relief. They also helped out after the Tōhoku Disaster in 2011 by using their trucks to bring supplies to areas that weren’t easily reached, and the bright lights and colors probably bring some joy to victims as well!

With this iPhone ad, we have a hunch that dekotora drivers will soon become more well-known and perhaps even more appreciated worldwide too.

Source: Japaaan
Featured image: YouTube/Apple