Ever had the irresistible urge to have fresh apples while you’re outdoors? Well, if you ever have such an urge when you’re at the Kasumigaseki subway station or the Suidobashi subway station in Tokyo, you don’t need to wait to satisfy your urge. You can get some fresh cut apples right at the station – from a vending machine!

From January of this year, M.V.M Shoji Co., Ltd. has been selling fresh cut apples from a vending machine in the Kasumigaseki subway station, and they have recently set up the second apple selling vending machine in Tokyo on the premises of the Suidobashi subway station. There is also another machine at the Life Namba supermarket store in Osaka.

The apples are from Aomori Prefecture in the northern mainland of Japan, one of the most famous apple growing regions in Japan and are carefully selected for quality. Each package contains half an apple cut into easy to eat pieces and makes for a healthy snack at 42 calories a package. You can choose from apples with the skin intact or the skin removed, depending on your preference. Vitamin C and calcium have been added so the apples stay crunchy and fresh for a long time.

M.V.M Shoji is currently looking for more locations to set up the vending machines. They are recommending the machines for locations such as company or school cafeterias, hospitals, hotels and major event venues.

So, the next time you are looking for a healthy snack or a quick breakfast, running to an apple vending machine may be a option. It may not be such a bad idea, since they do say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Source:M.V.M Shoji Co., Ltd. website (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)