Green Apple Jelly v Baked Pink Apple: The Starbucks Frappuccino showdown we’ve been waiting for

We taste the tart and sweet flavours taking over Starbucks Japan this autumn.

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Starbucks Japan adds two different mouth-watering apple Frappuccinos for fall

Tart or sweet, either way you can’t go wrong with these fall treats.

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How do you split two apples for three people using one knife? Japanese Twitter’s violent ideas

Many think that violence is the answer, but there’s also a clever, bloodless solution.

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Beautiful burger topped with a whole apple is one of trendy Tokyo’s best-looking sandwiches

Sure anyone can plonk an apple on a hamburger, but can they make it taste as sweet as it looks?

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Japan’s McCafé gives us new line of drinkable apple desserts and they look perfectly delectable!

Looking for something sweet? Now you can drink an apple dessert at a McCafé in Japan! 

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Starbucks Japan brings out Shaken Apple Green Tea for a limited time

We try the delectable new drink that’s so exclusive it’s only available in four of the country’s prefectures.

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Japan’s love-granting witchcraft apples on sale again just in time for Halloween

Limited quantities, premium pricing, and purportedly magical results.

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“Poison Apple” from sacred mountain in Japan is said to grant your wishes this Valentine’s Day

Snow White and the Wicked Queen cosplay is now complete with this specially grown black “poison apple”.

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Sweet, delicious and extra cold: snow apples from the Japanese alps

Japanese apples are legendary for their gigantic round shape, sweet taste and a hefty price tag due to their flawless appearance. Recently, a “new” kind of apple has been getting popular in the mountainous and very snowy prefecture of Nagano. It seems that apple growers there have decided to make the most of the winter precipitation that covers their fields by burying freshly picked apples for several months under a huge pile of snow. The “snow apples” are said to be even juicier, crisper and sweeter after spending the winter months hibernating under the snow.

But how can you make a snow apple, and what other tasty produce can you bury in the snow? Click below to find out!

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America! Our Japanese Reporter Approves of Julian Apple Pies, and You Should Too

When travelling to America, most Japanese people usually have one or two “must-eat” foods on their itinerary, the most popular of which are probably hamburger and apple pie.

When our Japanese reporter, Yoshio, visited America last month, he wasted no time in seeking out the former. His haste and curiosity led him to something called the Donut Burger, which, as you might imagine, didn’t go over so well.

Determined not to commit the same mistake with his apple pie, Yoshio had his American acquaintances point him in the direction of the best damn all-American apple pie the country has to offer.

Where did that take him? Check his report below to find out!

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The Perfect Vending Machine – for when you gotta have those fresh cut apples

Ever had the irresistible urge to have fresh apples while you’re outdoors? Well, if you ever have such an urge when you’re at the Kasumigaseki subway station or the Suidobashi subway station in Tokyo, you don’t need to wait to satisfy your urge. You can get some fresh cut apples right at the station – from a vending machine!

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