A treat as Aomori-an as apple pie.

Domestic travel has taken a big dip in Japan this year, but people are cautiously starting to take pleasure trips again, often while utilizing government rebate programs aimed at helping the tourism industry cope. These rebates come in two forms, partial repayment of hotel costs and gift certificates to be used at local shops/restaurants, and so with demand for souvenirs seeing an uptick, it’s naturally time for Nestle Japan to roll out a mouthwatering new Japan-only KitKat.

This time, it’s Aomori that’s getting a special regional flavor, and with the northernmost prefecture on Japan’s main island of Honshu being synonymous with apples, and by extension apple sweets, of course the KitKats are apple pie-flavored.

▼ Two color schemes for the wrappers, both with the same flavor waiting inside

If you want to get technical (and we do, considering how important sweets are to our lifestyle), the new chocolate wafers are Mini Ragueneau Sasaki Patissier Apple Stick Flavor. Produced in partnership with popular Aomori confectioner Ragueneau Sasaki, which opened in the town of Hirosaki in 1884, the KitKats take inspiration from the patissier’s flagship Apple Stick miniature apple pies. To recreate their flavor, the KitKats have Aomori apple butter mixed into their inter-wafer cream and are coated in an apple pie-flavored white chocolate.

▼ Apple Stick

The Mini Ragueneau Sasaki Patissier Apple Stick KitKats go on sale November 16, priced at 800 yen (US$7.60) for a pack of nine. Officially, they’re only being offered for sale in Aomori, so we’re glad the Shinkansen can get us there from Tokyo faster than ever before, but odds are they’ll also be available at Aomori Prefecture satellite souvenir shops in Tokyo and certain other major Japanese cities.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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