Now that it seems spring has slowly arrived and summer is around the corner, cold drinks are on everyone’s minds.  It’s especially hard to resist all the dirt cheap soft drinks that can be found in convenient 1.5L bottles.

But for most of us, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and what’s left of the massive bottle gets stored in the fridge.  Here it inevitably falls victim to the scourge of carbonated beverages everywhere – flatness – and ultimately is poured down the drain.

A new product called “Fizz Saver” has arrived on the scene to help keep your large bottles of cola alive a little longer.  I decided to try one out and see in the hopes of a bubblier tomorrow.

The Fizz Saver easily screws onto the mouth of the bottle.  And you never have to unscrew it as it stands the bottle upside down on your table while a spout is used to dispense the drink into your cup.

From watching it at work, the device forms and airtight seal around the bottle, and by standing the bottle upside down all of the carbon gas gets trapped in the bottom (now the top) of the bottle.  This way the trapped gas helps to keep the drink carbonated longer but it’s pressure also acts as a pump which pushes the drink out through the spout.

Herein lies the fatal flaw of Fizz Saver; it can’t work without carbonation.  Let’s say you want to avoid developing type 2 diabetes and switch from cola to some herbal tea.  Forget about using Fizz Saver then.  You can push until your arm falls off and that tea will never go through Fizz Saver.

Fair enough since it has fizz in the name, but even with a soda, as it takes time for the gas from the carbonation to build up enough to push out the drink.  Even with a full bottle you may have to give several pushes, waiting between each push for the pressure to rebuild before you can get a full glass out of it.  Ironically, in the time it takes to pour a glass it can become rather flat.

The bottom line is that Fizz Saver isn’t very useful.  The look and feel of it are kind of cool for a little while but wear thin quickly once the pressure starts dropping.  But if you’re looking for a novel way to (gradually) serve drinks and possibly start conversations, a Fizz Saver can accomplish that.

Photo and Video: Rocketnews24

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