You may recall Mr. Sato’s brave challenge against the monster Burger King whopper with 1050 bacon strips. Not surprisingly, we had  a significant quantity of bacon left over after that episode, and we were wondering what to do with it. Well, we came up with a brilliant idea – chop the bacon into small pieces and mix it in McDonald’s vanilla shake for a completely original drink!

And since we’re fairly sure that not many people have tried mixing bacon in a shake, we wanted to share our experience with you. It turns out that the fragrant flavor of the bacon gives the shake a much richer and fuller taste, making it an unexpected treat. Here’s what our reporter did to create an original “bacon vanilla shake”.

How to make bacon vanilla shake
1. Cook bacon in frying pan
Cook the bacon until it’s really crispy. The bacon from Burger King is already cooked quite crisp, but you want to go through this process to extract plenty of grease from the bacon.

2. Remove the grease into separate container
Once you get a good amount of grease out of the bacon, turn off the heat and remove the grease from the frying pan into a separate container. Put the cooked bacon into a blender. Be careful at this point that you don’t include too much charred bacon; however, a little bit of burnt bacon adds flavor, so we suggest that you include about 5% burnt bacon. (Don’t add bacon that is charred completely black.)

3. Chop up the bacon into fine pieces with the blender
Use the blender to chop up the bacon. Note: you don’t want to grind the bacon into a powder, as this will leave you with no texture of the bacon in the finished shake – it’s better if you have small lumps of bacon.

4. Mix bacon into McDonald’s vanilla shake
Mix the chopped bacon into the shake. Also add the bacon grease you separated from the frying pan and stir well. And there you have it, your very own bacon vanilla shake. Drink with a straw while cold.

Our reporter who created the original shake didn’t own a blender and actually had to go to a friend’s house (carrying slices of Burger King bacon and a McDonald’s shake) to cook up the drink. The friend was not particularly pleased about getting bacon grease all over the blender we used, but we have to say it was worth it. The bacon tasted like crushed biscuits in the shake and added just the right amount of saltiness. Further, the grease and milk content combined made the drink taste almost like a rich confectionery, adding a whole new depth of flavor to the shake.

So, that’s our junk food cooking class for today. You probably won’t find yourself stuck with loads of leftover Burger King bacon strips anytime soon, but we hope you might be persuaded to try our unique recipe – provided you haven’t been told by your doctor to watch your cholesterol!

Photo: RocketNews24

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