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Bacon is a bit of a misnomer in Japan. When you say the word bacon to a foreigner, they often imagine crispy, tasty strips of goodness; you also might need to wipe up a bit of their drool. However, when confronted with “bacon” in Japan, the disappointment is immense. What is labeled as bacon looks like strangely cut pre-cooked ham.

Even when you attempt to bring home the bacon and cook it yourself, as much as you attempt to crisp it up, you will still have supremely floppy frustration. Or you overcook it and end up with black burnt inedible garbage. There is a little trick that has been making its way around the Internet that is turning floppy disappointments into crispy deliciousness. All it takes is one little secret ingredient!

Sugar. Yup, Japanese cooks are adding a dash of the sweet stuff to the frying pan when they cook bacon, and it’s creating some really satisfying and crispy results. For those who are worried about sugar ruining their bacon, perhaps you haven’t tried the multitude of sweet candied bacon recipes yet.

Not candied bacon…but…mmm…bacon!

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All you have to do is add a large pinch of sugar to the frying pan and then add the bacon on top. Let the natural fat and grease from the bacon mix with the sugar and allow it to cook for a bit. When it starts smelling great, that’s when you know it’s time to turn it over and give the other side some sizzle time.

bacon 4Image: Flickr (Coal Miki)

Why is the sugar making the bacon crispier? When sugar is heated to about 190 Celsius (374 Fahrenheit), it starts to caramelize. That process then gives the normally pink and suspicious looking bacon a richer, more “bacon-like” color. And, since you are only adding a pinch of sugar, the sweetness won’t dominate the rest of the flavors. If you aren’t satisfied with plain old bacon flavor, how about trying black pepper bacon or jalapeno bacon? These unique bacon recipes will surely kick-start your day! Don’t be afraid to cook them with a little sugar too, the crispy texture goes a long way.

This is a beautiful and flawless picture. 

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Share some of your favorite techniques and recipes to make Japanese bacon taste great in the comments section. We shall be waiting with our forks!

Source: Cookpad
Top Image: Flickr (David Kawabata)