Sony is releasing a new product, their HF Series cassette tapes. There will be 10, 60, and 90-minute versions and prices are expected to range from around 100 to 230 yen for individual tapes, though they’ll also be available in 10-packs. Possibly in consideration for its target clientele (hint: not the young), Sony has made the printed font big, as well as made the labels and index sheets easy to write in big letters. As could be expected, the netizen response to this unveiling has been colorful …

Is there any demand for this?

The elderly…

Shouldn’t they be working on their other products first?

I totally hope they’ll never stop making AHF, BHF, CHF, and DUAD.

I heard they sell blank tapes by the boxes to old people taking karaoke lessons.

(Comment 27:) Cassettes, video tapes, radios – there’s no demand anymore. Mini discs are pretty much obsolete, too.

@27 Hey man, let me tell you one thing: don’t condescend radios.

@27 Radios are the life of passenger cars.

@27 Hey, just because you don’t listen to the radio doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t.

Whoah, this is news from July 2012.

Enka music apparently sells more in tapes than CDs.

Man, I remember back when whoever had the biggest boombox was the baddest.

The elderly who are buying these tapes don’t even know or care about the difference between all those types.

And for those feeling some fond nostalgia now … (Youtube playlist). Cassette tape aficionados outside Japan may need to look harder – searching on Sony’s US site didn’t yield any leads to tapes.