According to a post on the official Tokyo Disney Resort Blog, “Little Green Man” will be making an appearance at Tokyo Disney Sea starting July 5th. So, does this mean that the theme park will be overrun by aliens? No, but it does mean that there will be some tasty new snacks available at Disney Sea, and you’ll love them if you’re a fan of the Toy Story series.

With the new attraction ” Toy Story Mania!” opening on July 9th, Disney Sea has come up with some fun new Toy Story-themed snacks and trinkets. The “Little Green Man”, as pictured above, is not really in the shape of a man, but they’re green-colored sweet buns filled with custard, strawberry and chocolate cream. The buns are obviously based on the little green men that appear in Toy Story, but the name is also a pun, as buns are called “manju” or sometimes “man” for short in Japanese. Well, whatever they’re called, the three types of cream certainly sound good, and they’re actually reasonably priced at 350 yen ($4.38) for a set of 3 buns.

Other Toy Story goodies to be sold include a popcorn bucket with a toy roulette on the lid priced at 1,600 yen ($20), a sausage pie featuring Slinky Dog (450 yen ($5.63)) and a Woody bottle cap (600 yen ($7.50)).

All of these items will be available from July 5th, so Toy Story fans will now have even more of a reason to visit Tokyo Disney Sea. Of course, you’ll also want to check out the new Toy Story Mania attraction too. The ride involves getting on a tram wearing 3D glasses and entering a set designed as the toys’ carnival play area, where you’ll be able to enjoy virtual games such as tossing eggs, popping balloons and throwing rings – so it’s bound to be loads of fun!

You can bet there will be some serious queuing and waiting this summer at Tokyo Disney Sea by people who want to share in the Toy Story experience!

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort Official blog  via ITmedia

▼The set of 3 “Little Green Man” buns

▼The popcorn bucket has a lid with a working toy roulette.

▼The Slinky Dog Suasage Pie

▼Woody (with Mr. Potato Head) as a bottle cap