A lone salaryman walks in to a room with bento in hand and sits down at a table to enjoy his lunch in privacy. He unties the knot holding together the bandana bundle to reveal a small brown bento box and chopsticks case. Finally, the man removes the lid from the bento to unveil a mouth-watering assortment of…colored yarn?

What follows is some hardcore lunchtime needlework.

The video above was originally posted to Nico Nico Douga by user Becchin on July 30, and later reposted to YouTube on August 3.

The finished product is an adorable sewn bento complete with onigiri, mini tomatoes, octopus sausages, sliced cucumber and more.

And if you thought that was crazy, wait until you see what he keeps in his briefcase…

Source: Nico Nico Video, YouTube