The Internet is still reeling from the amount of oblong meat products they’ve crammed into a single lunch box.

Japanese bento, or packed lunches, are a dearly cherished custom. Many adults have fond memories of the lovingly sculpted character bentos they chomped down as children, while office workers always know they can turn to the local convenience store if they forget their lunch from home. Some stores even specialize in selling boxed lunches, such as Kitchen Dive in Kameido, Tokyo.

▼ You can watch them on live camera, if you like.

We’re a huge fan of Kitchen Dive’s cheap and filling lunches, and apparently their cooking is setting the Internet alight again due to a post from their promotional Twitter account.

▼ Look at all that sausage! (translation below)

“We finished our Ultra Super-sized Long Sausage and Rice Lunch!
It costs 888 yen (US$7.98) plus tax!
Come on down to Kitchen Dive.”

The lunch’s name really says it all. A huge container is filled to each corner with fluffy white rice, and then stacked atop that rice are rows upon rows of extremely long sausages, in such a gratuitous amount that it’s actually difficult to see the rice hidden beneath them.

Kitchen Dive is infamous for taking bento staples and inflating them well past the boundaries of all rhyme and reason, and they’ve certainly met their own standards here. Bento tend to contain a variety of different things in the name of good nutrition and taste, but that’s not the case here: just a huge helping of rice, topped with a huge serving of meat. Simple.

▼ Here’s a video of Kitchen Dive frying 80 long sausages at once. They sound like they’re screaming.

The decadent sausage bento clearly has a market, judging from the awed responses. Apparently there’s a raw and carnal hunger in some people that can only be sated by jumbo quantities of rice and pork.

“Please put some mustard on it, at the VERY least.”
“A bento for manly men!”
“Rice? You’re saying there’s rice under there?!”
“Damn, I love sausages.”

One reply claimed to have bought the last long sausage bento of the day, and even posted the evidence.


“And after.”

Honestly, it might be more disconcerting to be able to finish off the whole thing in one sitting.

For those of you with a real monster appetite, the Godzilla bento might be more your style. And if you have a little more cash burning in your pocket, you can skip over Kitchen Dive’s cheap and cheerful sausage servings and head for Gochikuru’s award-winning Wagyu Beef bento instead.

Shop information
Kitchen DIVE (Kameido) /キッチンDIVE(亀戸)
Address: Tokyo-fu, Koto-ku, Kameido 6-58-15, Land Sea Kameido
東京都江東区亀戸6-58-15 ランドシー亀戸
Open: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Source: Twitter/@divemamuru via Kinisoku
Featured image: YouTube/キッチンDIVEデカ盛り大盛りお料理教室
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