Collecting is one of the predominate themes of the Pokémon franchise and Nintendo never seems to run out of new things for fans to spend their Pokédollars on.

For example, on August 3, The Pokémon Company reveled, “Pokemomo,” their newest lineup of adorable Pokémon merchandise featuring the artwork of Japanese illustrator Momo Okada.

The line will be available at all 7 Pokémon Center retail stores throughout Japan starting August 11 and includes plushies, totebags, apparel, smartphone covers, mirrors, mugs and more.

Despite the variety of goods available, only 5 Pokémon–Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Snorlax and Gengar–seemed to make the cut. Perhaps the illustrator had trouble drawing some of the more complicated Pokémon.

Those of you outside of Japan interested in adding Pokemomo goods to your collection should check online import retailers like Sunyshore Pokemart, though don’t be surprised if you have to pay a nice Poképremium.

Source: 4Gamer