We’ve introduced some unique smartphone apps in one of our previous posts, but here’s one more unique app that’s caught our attention and may even be useful, if you believe what the developers say. If you’ve ever been annoyed by mosquitoes in the outdoors, and I believe most of us have at one time or another, then the Mosquito Buster app may be the solution to your pest problem. Yes, those small, buzzing blood-suckers can really be a pain, can’t they? But can a smartphone app really help you avoid mosquitoes? Well, the people at TABROID, a Japanese site that focuses on Android-related news and information, have apparently tested the app out in the field to see if it actually works.

According to the developers of the app, the Mosquito Buster works by emitting a high-frequency sound wave that mosquitoes dislike. To put the app to the test, the TABROID staff ventured out into some rice paddies in the late afternoon, to find a location teeming with mosquitoes. It took some searching, but in the end, they were able to find an ideal spot filled with mosquitoes – it makes you feel squirmy and itchy just imagining the scene, doesn’t it? So, how did the staff fare after staying in a mosquito infested area with the help of the app? Actually, the staff completed the experiment without being bitten once by a mosquito, and they say they didn’t use any other means of repelling the mosquitoes except the app. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the app is fool-proof, and it’s up to you to decide how effective you think the app is, but we just thought it was interesting that such an app exists, and even more interesting that someone actually went out and tested it (because it couldn’t have been fun being surrounded by all those mosquitoes)!

In addition, the app even has a “kid busting mode” and a “mouse/rat busting mode”, which apparently emits sounds that are audible and annoying specifically to young people and mice/rats. By the way, the TABROID article does mention that the app may cause strange actions on your phone, such as making a full screen ad appear while the app is being used, so you may want to check the user reviews first if you’re thinking of downloading it. It looks like the app is available both on Android and iPhones.

Have fun outdoors, and we hope you keep safe from the mosquitoes, whatever type of insect repellent you use!

Source: TABROID website (Japanese)

▼The mouse/rat busting mode

▼The kid busting mode

▼A Japanese YouTube video that shows how the app works