“What? It’s not like I enjoy sucking your blood or anything, baka!”

Japan loves turning just about anything into cute anime girls. Whether it’s eyedrops as space warrior girls, IT infrastructure represented as a group of “systers,” or literally every single part of the car personified as mechanized moe-mascots, pretty much everything you can imagine has been kawaii-ified.

Except for mosquitoes.

The hated insects are among the few creatures in the world that could disappear and the Earth would probably be the better off for it. But now, Japanese Twitter artist @bionekojita may be changing minds with his delightful — yet dangerous! — rendition of the infamous insect as an anime girl.

“I got mad from being bitten all over my legs by mosquitoes,
so I drew a gijinka (“anthropomorphized”) version.” (Scroll down for pics.)

▼ There’s no better way to stop hating something than to draw
a cute anime version of it. Can we call her Miss. Quito?

▼ Look at all her blood-sucking equipment! The mask, sharp rifle,
and glass tank are all simultaneously horrifying yet oddly endearing.

You know, seeing this anime girl mosquito makes me want to know more about her. Is she some sort of mosquito warrior, armed with the latest mosquito technology to wage war against humanity? Or is she a scientist, bravely going out each day to collect blood samples from these bizarre giant creatures known as “humans?”

It seems I wasn’t alone in being swayed. Here’s what Japanese Twitter had to say:

“I am in love with the design of that rifle.”
“The details here are beautiful.”
“Only female mosquitoes bite, so this is perfect.”
“I wouldn’t mind being bit by such a cute mosquito.”
“What’s her name? How about Mosqui-ko?”

No, her name is Miss. Quito! I will fight to the death to make sure that her name is–!

Ah. Sorry about that. I think Windows 10’s cute-yet-deadly anime mascot has been getting to me lately.

Source/images: Twitter/@bionekojita