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Over the summer, people around the world were really excited over a mosquito coil from Japan that gained notoriety because it was shaped like the Nazca Lines in Peru. Unfortunately, it only looked like a mosquito coil and was actually made from wood, but people still clung to the idea that if it was a real product, it would be really awesome.

Months rolled by, and no more news was released about this uniquely shaped mosquito repellent. Many people thought it would be impossible to make a coil in such a shape without it crumbling to pieces. But where there’s a will, there is always someone industrious enough to try to figure it out. It only took them until the seasons had changed, but we are finally seeing the release of “Nazca’s Summer, Peru’s Summer” right in the heart of fall. You won’t be repelling any mosquitoes with this coil, but everything will be smelling fantastic!

Summer is long behind us and most of the mosquitoes have disappeared until next year when we all expose our delicious blood-filled flesh again. Dwango Japan, which manufactures this instantly recognizable World Heritage coil, has taken the change of seasons into account when releasing this product. So, while it doesn’t repel mosquitoes, it does release a pleasant fragrance as the coil burns that can be enjoyed on a cool fall night.

▼ What’s not to like about a hummingbird coil that releases a nice scent?

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Perhaps the best part about this incense coil is that you don’t just buy it, stick it outside and light it up, you actually get the challenge of putting the intricate bird together. Mass production was deemed too difficult, so they decided to sell it as a do-it-yourself kit instead. The degree of difficulty is a little high, but you should be able to complete a coil in just over an hour with a bit of careful work.

▼ For a mere 4,536 yen (US$38) you can reproduce the famous Nazca Lines for your backyard!

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▼ Safety first! Along with making sure your hands don’t turn green

nazca 3

▼ Shape the putty into the template

nazca 5

▼ Once you fill it up all the way, it will (hopefully) look like this!

nazca 4

We can only hope that people will demand that more Nazca Lines be turned into these intriguing incense coils. Perhaps as soon as next summer they will come out with mosquito coil versions so we can keep the bugs away in style. Until then, we will just have to enjoy fall evenings with this beautiful hummingbird version that we can proudly declare was made by our own two hands.

Source, images: Dwango Store Japan