Move over Ryohei Kato! There’s another male gymnast whipping women into a frenzy online.  His name is Kohei Uchimura, and while his boyish good looks and personality scores points with the ladies, it’s a certain part of his body tucked away that sets him apart from others.

That’s right. Women can’t seem to get enough of Uchimura’s arm pit hair.  In fact, there’s a lot of talk of using it a garnish as one person commented “I want to sprinkle his fresh pit hair over my soba and savor the taste.”

Comments like this are echoed on a thread created on the Mojo board of 2channel.  Different from the English word Mojo is a shortened form of Motenai Onna which translates to Wasted Women and refers to women who can’t or won’t get involved with men.

The most common fantasy seems to involve eating the hair such as “I want to put it on top of my okonomiyaki.”  Others would like “to shrink down and live in there” like some mystical armpit elf. And one of the more sadistically creative ideas was to “pull it out and make a lucky charm.”

All in all, it’s uncertain whether Uchimura should be flattered or frightened by this attention.  My pit hair never got me anywhere with the ladies, and I look like I got Don King in a headlock.

Source: 2ch via Alfalfalfa (Japanese)