Japan and Korea have not been on the best of terms recently, thanks mostly to a territorial dispute over literally a couple of rocks known as Takeshima to the Japanese and the Dokdo islands to Koreans.

As so, now may not be the most welcoming time to visit Korea if you’re Japanese, and vice versa.

To cite an extreme, in Korea there is even one net cafe that has gone so far as to post a sign outside reading: “No Japs Allowed.”

But if you read the fine print, you’ll notice that the management isn’t being completely unreasonable with the ban.

An image of the sign was posted to a Korean internet message board on August 19 and reads in full: “We do not admit Japanese customers! However, if you yell ‘The Dokdo islands are Korean territory!’ 3 times, you can come in.

It’s probably safe to assume that you’ll need to yell the above in Korean.

This is obviously another example of one narrow-minded person tainting the image of an entire group and in no way represents the general sentiments of all Koreans.

Even on the message board where the image was posted, Korean users condemned the owner of the cafe as being radically nationalistic and for jeopardizing Japanese tourism in Korea.

Source: Livedoor