This custard pudding looks so delicious it’ll almost make you regret that Japan only got seasonal sakura and apricot fraps.

The latest addition to the Starbucks menu in South Korea is custard pudding, according to recent posts from cafe visitors on Instagram.

The treats come in both milky cream and cocoa flavors, and apparently these pudding cups aren’t just a hit with the Korean crowd, but with Japanese tourists and residents living there, too. For those in the area that can’t wait to give it a try, each cup retails for 3,300 won (US$2.90).

▼”This is the pudding in Korea that hasn’t been released in Japan yet. The cocoa flavor is rich and tastes great mixed with the milk one. The lid even makes a cute little dish.”

Not only that, but people have found the empty containers make great little pots for indoor houseplants.

Now the only question is… when are they coming to Japan?! Soon, we hope! In the meantime, we’ll just have to sip our Japan-exclusive alcoholic Frappuccinos and wait.

Source: Instagram/sorisorisorisori, Instagram/10yuki23, Instagram/cmehr_ via Grape
Feature/top image: Instagram/sorisorisorisori