Dragon Quest’s Slime was always one of the tastier-looking characters in the series. I mean, come on, he’s basically a blue gummi with a face drawn on—how could you not want to stick that in your mouth and chew on it?

Well now you can, with Fit’s MAGIQ Slime Flavor chewing gum by Lotte!

According to the press release on Lotte’s website, the gum contains tiny yellow “sour chips” that pop in your mouth and emulate the sour flavor of a real slime.

Not only that, chewing releases the gelatin and xanthan gum thickening agents in the gum, giving it that chewy texture unique to the iconic baddie.

Wait a second, we thought slime tasted like steamed meat bun

Slime gum can be found at supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan through October and cost 130 yen a pack.

Source: Lotte