So by now all us alpha-males have purchased our bathing beauty iPhone cases, but are left wondering: How do I hypnotize the ladies with my machismo during meals?  It would be rude to pull out one’s mobile phone while eating after all.

Well, picture this: Just before having dinner with that lucky lady you slowly and gently peel down the stockings along those smooth and silky legs – of your sexy lady chop sticks!

Trust me boys, the deal will be sealed after that.

These specialty utensils are called Lady’s Legs Chopsticks, which is a lot more clever in Japanese (Kanojo no Ashi Hashi). These sticks are fashioned in the shape of (somewhat elongated) women’s legs and are available in 3 different styles.

If you’re into the nightlife then you may want to get a pair of Cabaret Madame Legs, nicely paled as if they never seen sunlight and covered by some sexy black silk stockings.  Then you have the School Girl Legs with knee high socks and a more healthy skin tone, but may land you on an FBI watch list.

But if you really want to take a walk on the wild side then you should look into a pair of Carnivorous Gal Legs. Here “carnivorous” refers to women who actively pursue men contrary to traditional gender roles, and “gal” (Gyaru) refers to a type of Japanese fashion subculture often involving glam clothing and make-up.  Many also enjoy heavily tanned skin as you can see in these chopsticks.

If you too want to give your meals a sucker-punch of testosterone, you better act fast.  They have already sold out Rakuten and Amazon at the relatively reasonable price of 997 yen (US$12).

Source: Rakuten via IT Media (Japanese)

▼My word. Those chopsticks are flaunting society’s conventions!