We test Japan’s new Gaming Chopsticks Holder

Gadget proves it’s a game-changer after doing battle with a variety of snack foods. 

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Japan creates gaming chopstick holder, because gaming doesn’t always stop when it’s time to eat

Or is that eating doesn’t always stop when it’s time to game?

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Is there any point to holding your chopsticks the “correct” way? Let’s find out【Experiment】

After years of using her own style, our Japanese-born reporter finally does what her parents were trying to get her to do all along.

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Studio Ghibli unveils new “chopstick letters” to send to loved ones

Share the joy of eating with the help of some beloved anime characters. 

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Japan’s public broadcaster renames “correct way” to hold chopsticks, gets nods of approval

Those who struggle with the orthodox grip are happy for a bit of validation.

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Elementary school uses clever trick to get everyone to dispose of their chopsticks properly

Both the children and the adults have gotten in on the fun while also sharing their future dreams (and lamentations). 

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1,000 boxes of disposable chopsticks dumped on Tokyo freeway following delivery truck fire【Video】

It’s a bad day at work for driver of a shipment made entirely of tinder.

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Japanese confectioner Ginza Cozy Corner launches unique campaign involving… chopsticks!

The popular Japanese sweets maker suggests a bold new way to eat cake.

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Chopstick anxiety: Painfully shy Japanese diners struggle with communal restaurant containers

At inexpensive Japanese restaurants, the chopstick container might be in front of another customer, which is a tension-filled dilemma for some.

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Japan’s new edible chopsticks have a special flavor, but don’t taste like “food”

Bold innovation isn’t motivated by ecological concerns, but a desire to preserve a part of Japanese agricultural heritage.

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【Mr. Sato Wisdom】”Anyone who doesn’t take home their disposable chopsticks is a damn fool!”

They say there’s a fine line between genius and madness. It’s a line that our Mr. Sato frequently walks.

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Kendo mask chopstick rests bring samurai spirit to any meal

Now you can practice your master swordsmanship skills with chopsticks and a miniature ceramic opponent.

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Trending technique for breaking apart chopsticks turns out to be clever new design by Muji

A tweet seemingly suggesting a clever new way to snap apart disposable chopsticks turns out to be an awesome product prototype for Muji.

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Brilliantly designed chopsticks are going to change the way you set the table

One of the things Japan is known for is good design. You’ll see it in electronics, cars, home appliances, and home furnishings. There is a simple elegance to Japanese products that makes you break out into a little smile when you use them.

Looking at a pair of chopsticks, it doesn’t seem like there are any changes that need to made. They might be a little tricky to get the hang of, but they are mostly just two finger-held poles. That’s where this brilliant innovation comes in, though.

When you want to put your chopsticks down, you need to put them down on a rest so that you don’t get anything dirty. But what if they designed a chopstick that doesn’t need a rest?

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Sailor Moon girls Pluto and Chibiusa save your lips and your hips with lip balm and chopsticks

Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary year has been an absolute boon for fans of the series. We’ve seen everything from sanitary equipment  to lingerie to tiny little miniature versions of the everyday items they use.

What we really can’t get enough of is the bevy of adorable merchandise from Premium Bandai. And now that they’ve added new Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa items to their Miracle Romance line and DX My Chopsticks Collection, we’re heading straight to the online register!

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Make a cute and simple origami chopstick rest with nothing but the wrapper they come in 【Video】

So you’ve mastered the use of chopsticks and can proudly turn down the offer of a fork when you go to your favorite Asian restaurant. Many upscale eateries will probably supply you with a hashioki or chopstick rest to set the eating-end of your utensils on when not in use. At more casual restaurants, though, you have no choice but to lay them across your plate or setting them on a napkin so as not to touch the table’s surface.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty and would like to try your hand at some origami, you can use the paper wrapper your chopsticks came in to create a cute and useful peacock chopstick rest!

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Do you see what I see? A short tale of unfortunately-shaped chopstick rests

Chopstick rests, called hashi-oki in Japanese, serve the simple task of keeping the tips of your chopsticks off the table and stopping them from rolling away. They’re not always used in Japanese homes, but you’ll often see them in nicer restaurants, and they also make unique, inexpensive souvenirs as you can find ones made from a number of different materials, and in an endless number of shapes and colors.

Some shapes might be a little TOO unique, however, as demonstrated by a Japanese Twitter user who innocently posted a photo of the cute, pink chopstick rests she found in Okinawa. She was quickly made aware of their unfortunate shape by a number of commentors, though. Or, maybe, she was made aware of how many people really have their minds in the gutter

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Origami at the dinner table! How to make cranes and doggies out of your chopstick sheath

Ramen joints and other cheap restaurants in Japan often just leave a container of chopsticks out on the table for customers to grab a pair from. Classier dining establishments, however, set the table with a pair of chopsticks for each guest tucked inside of a paper chopstick sheath, called a hashibukuro in Japanese.

But what do you do once you’ve pulled your chopsticks out of the cover? You could leave the empty sheath lying on the table, or, seeing as how you’re sitting in a Japanese restaurant with a piece of paper, you could use it to make some cool origami art.

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Seven facts about Japanese chopsticks to help you win friends and influence people

We’ve been seeing a lot of articles recently about how to use Japanese chopsticks correctly. For those of us who grew up using forks and knives, it may seem a bit silly to obsess over holding two sticks at the correct angles. If you plan on visiting, living in, or especially working in Japan at some point, though, it may be a good idea to get out a protractor and practice those angles to save yourself a lot of embarrassing moments with friends and coworkers later.

To help you out, we here at RocketNews24 have compiled seven facts about chopsticks to help you along in your quest for perfect Japanese table manners. Even if you’re a seasoned chopstick expert, you may learn a thing or two from our advanced-level tips.

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Are you holding your chopsticks correctly? Chopstick Man will show you how 【Video】

For many of us born outside of Asia, eating with chopsticks is not a skill we’re taught from a young age, and is something many people may go their whole lives without mastering. In Japan, however, kids are started on chopsticks from as early as a year old, and whether or not a person holds their chopsticks correctly reflects on that person’s upbringing (because only a lazy, incompetent parent would allow their child to hold chopsticks like a heathen!).

Not to worry though–foreigners in Japan are given a lot of slack in the chopstick department, since it’s generally assumed that chopsticks are pretty much non-existent in the west. But even if you don’t know how to use chopsticks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how, and if you can use them, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re doing it correctly. That’s where Chopstick Man comes in, with his tutorial on the proper way to hold your hold your chopsticks!

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