Sadly these days, we see more and more stories of crimes committed against young children.  That’s why reporting anything out of the ordinary can help save lives.

However, on the Hyogo Prefectural Police operated online crime prevention board, “Hyogo Security Net” a suspicious person report was posted that made several people stop and scratch their heads.  The police seem to have an APB out on themselves.

Here is the post translated directly from Hyogo Security Net:

“12 September (Wed) at approximately 3:00pm a suspicious person was witnessed on a street near 2 Suzuhara, Izami City.  The person was riding a motor bike and waving at little girls, he then rode off.  The suspicious person was a middle-aged male wearing a blue jacket, blue pants, a white helmet and riding a motorcycle.”

Looking at the last part about a middle aged man dressed in blue and white riding a motorcycle, it dawned on more than a few people that the description sounds a lot like a motorcycle cop.

It could just be a coincidence, but not many people wear all blue like that.  It could have been some creep impersonating a police officer in order to get access to children too.

To make matters stranger, as one internet pundit pointed out, “you get reported just for waving at children now?”  Considering that this seems a little like someone is making a pranky political statement.

Source: Hyogo Security Net (Japanese)

A pantless smurf would also fit the description, and would definitely be suspicious.

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