Thanks to Hyogo Prefecture’s “Security Net” the public can easily access reports of crime occurring in their communities as it is reported. Earlier it had alerted local residents to a suspicious person resembling and acting like a motorcycle cop.

Now an odd case of indecent exposure involving a middle-aged man, school girl and a dachshund had occurred in Hamanomiya Park in Kakogawa city.

On the morning of October 7, a man was seen walking his dog through the park.  A school girl, upon seeing the wiener dog, approached it and bent down to pet it.

However, when she lifted her head she was exposed to another infinitely less cute wiener hanging out of the man’s pants.  And just like that, the man walked off.

Some people may suspect this might have just been a wardrobe malfunction like a broken zipper given the people’s positions during the incident.

However, as the girl was on hold with the police, the man and his dachshund returned to the scene.  He pulled his pants down to expose his buttocks and quickly ran off again.

The man was described as in his thirties, 170 cm tall, short black hair, athletic build, wearing dark blue jeans, and accompanied by a dachshund dog. The dog is believed to be very cute.

As an esteemed RocketNews writer I try to be as unbiased as possible but I’m going go out on a limb, be a little controversial, and say that guys who expose their junk in public shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs.

So if you have any information regarding this sicko, please contact the police immediately. Either that or you could do everyone a favor and relieve him of both his wieners Bruce-Willis-in-Sin-City style.

Source: Hyogo Security Net