Are you familiar with the Q-pot brand of jewelry?  It could get a bit sticky if your tried wearing it on your next night out on the town, but it certainly is attractive, and tasty!

That is because Q-pot Cafe arranges chocolates, cupcakes and macaroons into delightful rings, bracelets, and necklaces!  Never before has there ever been such delectable mouth-watering jewelry, something that is served up in the most appealing manner at the Q-pot cafe.

The Q-pot Cafe opened doors to customers only this month in September.  We went to check it out, hoping to beat the rush by getting there shortly after opening at 11:30.  By the time we arrived at 11:40 though, they had a full house, with a line of people already waiting for a chance at these fancy treats.

We thought we’d should just get some sweets to go, but on walking into the cafe, we were greeted with the most adorable interior!  Convinced that this was an experience we couldn’t pass up, we promptly got  into line and wasn’t long before we were seated.

The darling interior which drew us to stay.

The upside down pastel colored coffee mugs for light fixtures is a brilliant design!  Tiles with the tea-pot motif, also shaped like the cookies that they build their jewelry with, decorated every nook.  It was so lovely that it’s no wonder people were lining up!  The  waiting staff were dressed so very cutely too. Although ‘Cute’ is a word thrown around all too loosely, there is simply no other word to describe what they were wearing.  Even the bathrooms were gorgeously designed. (The ‘cute’ uniforms and bathroom fixtures are pictured at the end of the article.)  No matter where you look this place has something delightful to look at.  Part of the fun is to find the variety of ‘very cute’ different decorations.

The menu consists of three “plates”:  the ring plate, the necklace plate, and the ‘joy of being able to choose’ plate.   You can choose the sweets for all three of the plates, not only the ‘joy of being able to choose’ plate.

As we pondered the menu, we noticed that the shop reverberated with  ‘kawaiiiiiiii-!’, the sounds of delight from the female patrons. And who could blame them? Everything on the menu looked so very delightful that it wasn’t long before our own reporter felt the urge to cry out a long  ‘mayochauuuuuu!’ (“I can’t decide!”  See: feminine incisiveness) as she faced the dilemma of choosing her treat.  In the end she chose both the ring plate and the necklace plate because she couldn’t bear the thought of sacrificing one.

The necklace plate and the ring plate

The meaning behind ‘Q-pot’ is “a mysterious pot from which you never know what will come out.” A pleasant surprise!  That is what this shop is all about.  Q-pot means to give all patrons a pleasant surprise before they leave.  They do this with the plates they use in the ring and necklace desserts.  The plates make the presentation of the jewelry look real and the pleasure is doubled by the anticipation of tasty sweets.  They also have that cute Q-pot logo on every piece of cutlery, the glasses, the bottoms of the cups, and the rims of the dishes.  Such detail adds even more enjoyment to the experience.


A fine, tasty ring!

Through all this talk of eye candy there has been no mention of the taste.  Yes, it tastes good too!

For her necklace plate, our reporter chose the petite strawberry cupcake.  She writes: “the chocolate used in the ring plate was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the berry macaroon had a great berry flavor. All just perfect!”

She also chose Flower Garden and Early Bright teas to go with this treat and she vouches for the Flower Garden flavor as a sure bet:  “The aroma of the tea filled my mouth, transporting me to a heavenly flower garden!”


A pot of Q-pot tea

When you drink tea at Q-pot, you are helping to make the world a better place!  Q-pot imports their tea from a company in Sri Lanka that donates a part of the proceeds to local charities. In drinking tea you are helping to build schools, kindergartens, and buy equipment for parks halfway across the world!

Also when you finish eating you will notice a certain message comes across showing Q-pot’s world view and is bound to make you smile.  We won’t give it away, so go find out what it is!

When our reporter entered the shop at 11:40, she noticed there was only one male customer there.  If this situation would make you guys uncomfortable you can always arrive around noon, when there seem to be a few more guys around.  You may be less likely to have to wait if you go at this time too, although it depends on the day.

“If a chain of joy and smiles spread across the world, surely the world would be a more peaceful place.” This is one of the messages Q-pot hopes to spread with its delightful jewelry sweets.  It really is a very innovative concept of brand marketing and would be a great place to take a date!  (There were also good-looking guys on the staff!)

Q-pot CAFE. Headquarters (Tokyo)
Kita Aoyama 3-10-2, Hama-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-6427-2626
Hours: 11:30〜20:00 (L.O. 19:30)
Days off: One day a week and New Years Holidays

Cookies in the wall

Such charming wall paper!

Three Qs, or Sankyu!

Drink tea and send aid to Shrilanka

They’re edible!

More accessories

How about these decorations!

When you go to Q-pot look for this tea pot.

The Bathroom

Cool mirror!

Cute Uniforms

You can buy gifts.

The take home counter

The store front

The outside is nice too

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