In the past few months, several of the anti-Japan demonstrations in China have turned into riots, many of which resulted in extensive damage to Japanese companies all over China.

But what is it that got the Chinese people so worked up? Surely not everyone is that passionate about the Japanese nationalization of the disputed Senkaku Islands. Perhaps people just got carried away in the mob mentality?

According to one Chinese demonstrator, the Chinese government may have something to do with it, claiming that Chinese officials mobilized people to join the Anti-Japan demos by offering them payments of 100 yuan, or about $15 US.

Throughout weeks of violent protests, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made public announcements insisting that Japan face up to the voice of the Chinese people, while they dodged any direct involvement in the unrest. Japanese sentiment, on the other hand, is that anti-Japan rhetoric is actually Chinese dissatisfaction with their own government in disguise.

But why throw your lot in with a government you don’t agree with? A man taking part in demonstrations in the Fujian province admits that “Some people were paid 100 yuan by the government to participate in anti-Japan demonstrations.”

A researcher of the Chinese think tank threw his support behind the claim, saying that there is no doubt that demonstrations across the country have been systematically funded by the Chinese government to some extent.

Source: Matometa News